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I’m soooooo dead. The Queen has spoken!!!! HAHA


I’m soooooo dead. The Queen has spoken!!!! HAHA


Omg Finale night is going to be great




It’s week 9 and Derrick has still never been nominated


Today’s Live Chat


Jeff: So Zach, how do you feel about Frankie?

Zach: But bro, look how many ants are on this trashcan…



Zach leaving has been actually kind of liberating… I don’t have to worry about him leaving anymore or having a messed up sleeping schedule. Plus I don’t have to worry about live feeds anymore because I don’t really like anyone that is left, except for Donny. Now I can casually watch this mess of a season without being emotional invested. Kinda nice…


I don’t see why people are even arguing over someone else’s sexuality? Zach’s sexuality belongs to no one but him.

Zankie Rant

From day 1, I wasn’t about Zankie. Yes, they have a cute friendship but that’s it. But being a Big Brother fan, sometimes reading the fan imput would even convince me at times it was more than friends. Personally, I do believe Zach may be bicurious (as Frankie stated) but I don’t think he’s gay or bisexual. However, who knows. I do think Zankie fans are taking things extremely personal and out of proportion. Zach never said he faked anything with Frankie. He basically said he wasn’t going to push him off because he had to win the money. The way I interpreted it is that he knew if he was distant with Frankie it would create suspicion that Frankie couldn’t trust him. Because if someone is sexually aggressive and you’re not receptive, they might take it personal and want to get you out as revenge or because they don’t trust you. LOOK WHAT FREAKING HAPPEN TO AMBER BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T GIVE CALEB ATTENTION. Zach could have had a similar fate. Be blind to Frankie all you want, but he is very aggressive with the guys. And you could even tell Zach was uncomfortable at some of the moments. In his final week, when Frankie kissed his neck and whispered “let’s have sex in jury” he said something like “sexual harrassment” and laughed but you can tell he was trying to get away. He also got out the bed one time when Frankie jumped on him and was getting kissy. Then Frankie said I know how you feel when the cameras aren’t on, and Zach started talking about ants. Come on! Zach isn’t lying by calling out Frankie’s behavior with the guys. They’re just aware of how not responding hurts their game. Zach also said his friendship with Frankie is genuine. So I don’t see how people are claiming ZACH played on or with Frankie’s emotions. He never told him lies about them hooking up sexually or romantically after the show. He was just his friend. If anything, Frankie played on Zach’s emotions by basically making him feel worthless and like everything was his fault, which you can see by how Zach takes the blame for the end of zankie.

It’s fine to be a little sad about Zankie not being real, but don’t try to twist things to make Zach be a monster for being straight. Just like Frankie can’t control being gay, Zach can’t control being straight. He never gave Frankie false hope of a romance. He let him touch all over him, how is that a crime? Plus Frankie didn’t exclusively do it to Zach, he did it to everyone (even Victoria when he was “Frank). So I don’t see how it can be interpreted that Zach LED Frankie on.

Also Zach jokingly told Victoria he was bi. He laughed and said don’t tell anyone despite there being cameras everywhere. Zach is extremely sarcastic and a goof ball. People seem to pick and choose what they believe is honest words and what are jokes. To me this seemed like a clear joke…

Zach is probably a little freaked out now that he’s out the house and everyone keeps calling Zankie a showmance, because if people thinks he’s gay, his chances with girls won’t be so good. So may be he could have explained himself better, but idk how anyone would respond better to a situation where you’re one identity and now the world is trying to label you another.

Also Zach’s mom said months ago that Zach and Frankie were probably using each other. I agree. Zach kept the flirting up to gain more of Frankie’s trust/loyalty and Frankie used Zankie to gain more fame. The DR heavily hinted that Zankie was popular. No one is innocent, no one is bad.
I just wish people would listen to what Zach is saying and not dismiss it with their own fantasies about Zankie, or try to make him a monster for flirting with a guy without intentions of doing more than that. At the end of the day, Big Brother is a game but these are real people. They can’t fit into the character you place on them just because you do it.


Zachs eviction interview.